Do I need an Employment Contract?

An Employment Contract sets out the legal terms of employment between an employer and employee, with details of the employee’s rights, responsibilities and duties. It can be used to hire an employee in a permanent or temporary role.

Employers are legally required to provide an employment contract to any individual hired (whether permanent or temporary) to state the terms of their employment. It is also important for protecting your business when hiring employees.

This contract contains all of the information you’re legally required to give to new employees in writing about their terms of employment and it’s fully customisable to your individual requirements and the role.

This Employment Contract contains provisions regarding:

  • the employment relationship;
  • intellectual property and confidential information;
  • procedures to take in situations such as terminating the employment;
  • the job and the responsibilities;
  • hours and place of work;
  • employment duration and the details of a probationary period if relevant;
  • pay and benefits, and pensions information;
  • holiday entitlement, sickness absence and disciplinary procedures; and
  • the protection of company property.

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