Do I need an Image License Agreement?

An Image Licence Agreement, also called a Photograph Licence Agreement, is a contract under which the owner of a photograph, graphic design, illustration or other still image licenses the use of the image to a person or company (the licensee). The original owner retains the copyright of the image.

A licensee may also be granted the right to sub-license the image to someone else. It is important to note that in an image licence agreement, the copyright in the image or images is not being sold – the licensee is granted a right (called a licence) to use the image(s) in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

This Image Licence Agreement contains provisions regarding:

  • when, and where the licensee (the person or company that is gaining the rights to use the image) can use that image.
  • whether the use of the image(s) will be exclusive or non-exclusive;
  • the fee or other payment to be made for the licence;
  • how and where the licensee is permitted to use the image(s) (e.g. in print and/or online, unlimited use or limited number of uses);
  • the purposes for which the image(s) may be used by the licensee (e.g. editorial use, commercial use (e.g. on products) or for marketing/promotional purposes);
  • other restrictions on the use of the image(s), including whether the image(s) can be altered, cropped or otherwise manipulated or sub-licensed; and
  • the licence period, which may be perpetual (forever) or limited to a specific time frame.

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