Do I need a Production Agreement?

A Production Agreement, also sometimes called a Film Production Agreement, Music Production Agreement, Movie Production Agreement, or Video Production Agreement, is a specific type of Service Agreement whereby one entity, the production services provider (or producer), contracts to produce an art or media project for the client, for example, when a client commissions a film production company to produce a company video.

A Production Agreement is important to record the required specifications (i.e. for movies, the type of film it needs to be shot on, or specific sound software that music needs to be mixed on), other essential terms and payment details for the media production that will be provided. As a result of this agreement, both parties will know what to expect.

This Production Agreement contains provisions regarding:

  • the media production that will be produced and the timeline in which this will happen;
  • the production budget and schedule;
  • the fees that will be paid to the production company and the timing and structure of payment;
  • the obligations and warranties of the producer when working on the project;
  • intellectual-property  rights in the material produced; and
  • termination of the agreement.

This agreement also makes reference to the production budget and the production schedule, which you will need to include with the agreement. Don’t have a budget or schedule yet? There are many useful templates freely available online.

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