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Championing the African Dream

We are witnessing a rise in entrepreneurship around the globe and a growing desire among members of the African Diaspora in the UK and around the world to start businesses that serve African markets.

They have a natural affinity for Africa and, as one of the world’s fastest-growing regions, the scale of opportunity across the continent is great both for the entrepreneurs and the communities who will benefit from their products and services, the secure job opportunities they create and the investments they make.

At Strand Sahara our mission is to empower entrepreneurs with the world-class legal support and guidance they need to build successful businesses that will give them the lifestyle they crave whilst also improving the lives and life-chances of Africa’s people all over the world. We call this the African Dream.

And we use technology to make our services easily accessible, affordable and relevant for the entrepreneurs we serve.

Through our network of like-minded legal experts across the continent, we are also proud to support African entrepreneurs who are doing the important work of creating the corporate giants of tomorrow.

We believe that starting and growing successful businesses is key to the advancement and financial empowerment of Africans and people of African descent all over the world.

who we are

Our legal experts

Rashida Abdulai (UK)

Strand Sahara's Founder and multiple award-winning lawyer with 10 years’ experience representing some of the world’s largest corporations at global law firm Hogan Lovells.

Foluke Akinmoladun (Nigeria)

Our partner in Nigeria is Trizon Law Chambers based in Lagos and founded by Foluke Akinmoladun, a member of the Nigerian Bar Association with over 10 years' experience.

Wairimu Karanja (Kenya)

Our partner in Kenya is Wairimu & Co. (W&Co.) based in Nairobi and founded by Wairimu Karanja, a member of the Law Society of Kenya with over 10 years' legal experience.

Madeline Kimei (Tanzania)

Our partner in Tanzania is iResolve™️ based in Dar es Salaam and founded by Madeline Kimei, President of the Tanzania Institute of Arbitrators with over 10 years' experience.

N. Dowuona & Company (Ghana)

Our Partner in Ghana is N. Dowuona & Company, based in Accra and founded by NanaAma Botchway who is ranked as a leading lawyer in Legal 500, Chambers & Partners.

Itweva Nogueira (Angola)

Our partner in Angola is IN Consulting Group founded by Itweva Nogueira, Executive Director of the UK-Angola Chamber of Commerce.

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Questions and Answers

We currently support businesses in the UK, Angola, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda. Located in a different country? We’d be happy to refer you to someone local who can help – please contact us at hello@strandsahara.com.

All our contracts, templates, and guides are signed off by fully qualified legal professionals who have worked for some of the biggest corporations in the world. They each have at least 8 years’ legal experience and possess local and international experience. 

We strongly recommend that you sign up for one of our all-inclusive plans so that you can make the most of the guidance and support we provide. However, we also offer a pay-as-you-go options if you are not ready just yet.

Our plans are all-inclusive because it is important to us that you have the right support and guidance on each of the key legal protections. It is up to you whether you make use of everything available, but we hope that you do in order to give your business the legal protection it deserves.

We provide legal support for business issues, including contracts, intellectual property and company secretarial work. We do not currently provide dispute resolution, property law services or support for personal legal issues.

Absolutely not! Our contracts are tailored to your business needs and situation.

Every business should have its own, tailor-made standard contracts for customers which reflect the way it does business.

Having your own standard terms will ensure that you’re able to provide the protection that your business needs and will enhance your reputation because customers will know what to expect from you and what happens if things go wrong.

To be effective, your standard terms must reflect the way you do business and protect your business from the specific risks you face. In contrast, we know that many businesses resort to relying on generic templates or re-purposing contracts obtained from competitors or previous employers. The problem is that these contracts often do not match up with your or your customers’ expectations and fail to adequately protect your business because important risks are not properly addressed. Poorly drafted or ill-suited contracts are often not worth the paper they are written on.

We are keen to connect with experienced legal professionals across Africa with a shared passion for building the African corporate giants for tomorrow. If that’s you, please get in touch by sending us an email at hello@strandsahara.com.