Do I need Website Terms Of Sales or Services?

Website Terms Of Sales or Services is a contract between the owner of the website and its users governing the use of a website by visitors and/or vendors to sell and buy goods and/or services. In other words, it is a set of terms that users must agree to follow in order to use a service or buy goods from the website.

It is necessary to publish Website Terms Of Sales or Services on your website in order to:

  • Prevent abuses: the agreement will contain a clause explaining the sanctions in case of abuse. Actions from abusive users could be spamming other users, posting defamatory content or attempting to infect the website or app with malware. Furthermore, where your website is hosting content generated by users (for example in marketplaces such as eBay where vendor advertise their products) there will be a clause to inform users that harmful language won’t be tolerated.
  • Own your content: the website owner is the owner of the logo, design of the website etc. You are also the owner of the content except for content generated by users unless specifies otherwise in the Website Terms of Sales/Services.
  • Terminate accounts: there will be a clause informing users that abusive accounts will be terminated and banned from using the service.
  • Limit liability: terms and Conditions agreements commonly include a warranty disclaimer intending to limit the website owner’s liability where errors are found in the content presented on the website for example.

This Website Terms Of Sales or Services contains provisions regarding:

  • price and payment;
  • acceptance of orders;
  • delivery of goods;
  • title in the goods;
  • customers’ right to make changes;
  • your right to make changes;
  • cancellations and return;
  • refunds;
  • responsibility for loss or damage

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