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Strand Sahara is your one-stop platform for all the legal documents you need to get investment ready

Customised Contracts
All the documents you need to take your business from idea to ideal.

Browse our library of world-class, user-friendly business contracts. We provide all the software tools you need to fully customise, edit, share and store your documents.

Prices range from free (for Strand Sahara members) to the equivalent of USD100 in your local currency.


Corporate Governance
Templates for essential corporate documents and company policies

Corporate document templates to ensure your business is properly structured for growth and business policies to comply with international best practice in your industry.

Prices range from free (for Strand Sahara members) to the equivalent of USD50 in your local currency.


Scale Up Scorecard
Is your use of contracts paying dividends?

The Scale Up Scorecard tool helps you to see how well your business translates the use of contracts into commercial success and the impact on your businesses’ investment prospects.

The Scorecard is completely free of charge, takes just 5 minutes and you will receive a personal report with tips on how to improve.


Coming Soon
Contract Reviews
Get expert advice on your contracts through our platform

Quickly find an experienced lawyer through our platform who will check that your contract keeps your business safe and sound in 48 hours or less. The lawyer will check whether your contract:

  • Contains everything you need
  • Is clear and unambiguous
  • Contains clauses that are unfair or dangerous for you
  • Conforms with current law and regulation

Fixed fee reviews start at the equivalent of USD150 in your local currency for contracts up to 20 pages.

Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution Automated tool for the identification of potential legal rights in the event of a commercial dispute.

Fixed price half-day or full-day mediation with a skilled mediator for the efficient and cost-effective resolution of commercial contract disputes. Includes preparation of a legally binding settlement agreement.