Do I need a Website Terms Of Use And Privacy Policy?

A Website Terms of Use (also called terms of use, website terms and conditions, or acceptable use policy) are a set of terms and disclaimers that protect your website from undesirable use, such as unauthorised copying and limits on what users are allowed to post. They also help to protect your business if something goes wrong on your website. Although Website Terms of Use are not a legal requirement, they are a key way of protecting your business because they help you to set up guidelines for how customers and other visitors should use your website and helping your website run efficiently and successfully.

The Privacy Policy sets out data protection information that you are legally required to provide to individuals who use your website as well as key information about what cookies you set and how users can change their preferences. It is a UK GDPR compliant privacy and cookies policy, which is suitable only for UK based businesses carrying out data processing activities in the UK.

A cookie policy is a declaration to your users on what cookies are active on your website, what user data they track, for what purpose, and where in the world this data is sent.

This Website Terms Of Use, Privacy and CookiePolicy contains provisions regarding:

  • copyright notice, to protect the copyright and other intellectual property in your website and preventing others from using it for commercial purposes;
  • the limitation of your liability to the users of the website if something goes wrong (like their computer getting a virus after using your website);
  • the rules around how users are allowed to post or submit content to the website;
  • a licence which allows you to use the content that users post to the website; and
  • your right to terminate a user’s access to the website.

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