Do I need a Supply Of Goods Agreement?

A Supply of Goods Agreement contains standard terms and conditions that set out the rights and responsibilities between you and your customer when you are selling goods. You can use a Supply of Goods Agreement if you are selling to businesses. Please note that it is not suitable for use in business-to-consumer transactions.

This agreement includes terms and conditions aimed at protecting your business from liability, as far as permitted by law, and can be customised for your business. It is not suitable for businesses that provide services, for which please use our Service Agreement. If you are a freelancer or run a consultancy company, see the Consultancy Agreement. If you are selling goods or services at a distance (e.g. through a website or app), see the Website Terms of Sale/Service.

You need a Supply of Goods Agreement to help your client understand how and when the goods will be provided, to protect your business from non-payment or other breaches by your client, to protect your intellectual property from unauthorised use and confidential information, and to run your business efficiently.

By agreeing to a Supply of Goods Agreement, a customer shows they are made aware of their rights and obligations. This minimises the likelihood of future disputes, which helps to maintain your business reputation and customer relationships.

This Supply of Goods Agreement contains provisions regarding:

  • termination of the agreement, and the tasks the parties must practice on termination;
  • ordering, delivery and stock management of the goods;
  • the price and payment terms;
  • the parties’ obligations;
  • the limitation of your liability as permitted by law;
  • the ownership of the goods;
  • the protection of both parties’ intellectual property and confidential information; and
  • the allocation of responsibility for breaches of the agreement.

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