Do I need a Software Development Agreement?

Bespoke software is often essential for business and when developing software, the parties concerned need a considerable scope for negotiation but also certainty throughout the development process. Clients will also require considerable control over the development process and will require frequent testing and evaluation opportunities.

A Software Development Agreement will provide for these and many more essential elements in a software development contract between software developers and the clients for whom they are developing the software. Such software may be fully-bespoke, standard software developed by the developer, modified software made by the developer, or a combination. Third-party software may also be included.

This Software Development Agreement contains provisions regarding:

  • the parameters of the development project including the specification of the software to be developed;
  • price and payment;
  • the project plan;
  • changes to the software;
  • acceptance testing;
  • confidentiality clause;
  • assignment; and
  • licensing (allowing the developer to licence and/or assign different parts of the software as agreed).

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