Do I need a Letter Of Appointment For Interns?

A Letter Of Appointment For Interns is a formal letter appointing an intern to your company. It can be used when the intern is work-shadowing or considered to be a fixed-term employee with entitlement to the National Minimum Wage for their work. The letter sets out the main terms of the internship and provides key protections for the company, including confidentiality obligations.

Using a formal Letter of Appointment helps to protect your company’s confidential information, intellectual property, and more. It clarifies the rights and responsibilities of the intern and sets out the intern’s obligations to the company.

This Letter Of Appointment For Interns contains provisions regarding:

  • the duration of the internship placement by setting out clear start and end dates and the number of hours the intern is expected to work during this period;
  • the salary and the frequency it will be paid to the intern;
  • the intern’s obligations and responsibilities to the company;
  • the provision of the ability for the company to terminate the internship placement; and
  • the protection of the business’s confidential information and intellectual property.

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