Do I need a Contributor Agreement?

A Contributor Agreement is for use between a website publisher and a contributor of original content consisting of text, video, images and/or other media for publication by the publisher. It may be used to cover multiple contributions from the contributor, paid or unpaid.

A Contributor Agreement is imperative to minimise the risk of intellectual property disputes, by clearly setting out the intellectual property terms (legal ownership of the material, transfer of the title, etc.) of the materials that are being contributed.

This Contributor Agreement contains provisions regarding:

  • the material the company wants the contributor to provide and the payment that will be given in exchange for it;
  • IP rights of the material created (whether the contributor will retain their rights to the intellectual property or if it is allocated to the company);
  • the relationship between the two parties not being one of employment, the contributor will solely be seen as an independent contractor; and
  • the parties’ ability to terminate the agreement.

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