Do I need a Consultancy Agreement?

A Consultancy Agreement is a contract containing the terms and conditions of a self-employed consultant’s services to a client. This includes a description of the services being provided and the consultant’s fee. It might also be referred to as a Consultancy Contract, a Consultancy Services Agreement, a Consulting Agreement or Consultancy Terms and Conditions.

Whether you are a consultant being hired for your services or a business hiring a consultant, you should use a Consultancy Agreement to set out the terms and conditions of the arrangement.

It’s important to use formal contracts when you’re providing or receiving consultancy services to protect your business and to set out your commercial arrangement. This simple consulting agreement will help you to set out your main terms and conditions. It will also provide key legal protections, for example in relation to data protection and intellectual property.

This Consultancy Agreement contains provisions regarding:

  •  the services to be provided and the engagement period;
  •  the fees, expenses and payment terms;
  •  the mechanism for agreeing and pricing changes to the scope of the services;
  •  substitution by the consultant;
  •  liability and indemnities;
  •  confidential information and data protection; and
  •  intellectual property rights.

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